Cleaning Your Contacts Lenses

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When using contact lenses it is important to make sure you are taking care of them properly, to prevent any damage to your eyes and vision. Bacteria can easily build-up on your lenses and cause a nasty infection.

When you get your first set of soft contact lenses, your optometrist will usually include a cleaning kit, otherwise you can purchase one at a local drug store. These kits come with a case, a rinse solution and a solution to store your lenses in overnight to remove bacterial build-up. If you are using rigid, gas permeable lenses a separate rinse and solution is needed. For these types of lenses an additional protein removing enzyme is necessary.

 These kits usually contain instructions on how best to use them, but just incase here are a few helpful tips;

 1. Never use water or saliva to clean your contact lenses- These contain microorganisms that can cause eye infections.

2. Before handling your contacts, be sure to wash with a mild soap and thoroughly rinse your hands (dry with a lint free towel)- This will help to avoid bacteria and residue transfer onto the lens.

3. Be sure to soak your lenses in the cleaning solution for at least 4 hours a day.

4. Replace your contact case every 3 months at the most.

Most importantly, be sure to abide by the timeline of use. If you are using dailies for example, they need to be thrown out each night. Do not try to extend farther than the recommended use.




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