How Vision Changes with Age…

aging eyes Unfortunately as we age, our eyes also age with us. Usually sometime after the age of 40, you may begin to notice certain changes in your eyes that were not there in the years prior. If you do not experience any of these changes then you are among the rare exception. Here are some examples of what you can expect as your eyes age…

–         Your retinas can begin to lose some of their sensitivity, which can require extra light when reading or using a computer.

–          As you approach 60, the lenses of your eyes may begin to cloud and cause cataracts. Although treatable, they can be disrupting to your daily life causing colors to become dim. You may notice night time halos and it may become impossible to drive at night.

–          Anywhere between 40 and 60, the lenses of your eyes can begin to lose elasticity, causing you to require reading glasses were you may not have needed them before. This condition is known as Presbyopia.

–          Your tear gland may begin to lose their ability to properly lubricate your eye, causing a condition known as dry eyes. While this can be irritating, there are measures you can take to help relieve the symptoms such as artificial tear drops.

The best way to help alleviate some of these nuisances is by using corrective lenses or finding out if you are a candidate for refractive surgery (LASIK). Early detection is the best way to help combat eye disease, and annual eye exams with your optometrist are a great preventative measure to help ensure you have lasting and healthy vision.

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