Fish with UV Vision?


Scientists have recently discovered a small fish called the Ambon Damselfish which when UV Rays are available, can actually distinguish between its fellow Ambon fish and other breeds of fish.

Researchers were able to test these little fish using a controlled environment in which UV Rays where present and another in which they where not present. When UV Rays are present, these fish could pick out other fellow Ambon fish, and were prepared to attack those fish that were not their fellow brethren.

When researchers removed the UV Rays however, these fish had a much more difficult time distinguishing Ambon fish from other types of fish. ” The findings are the first to show an animal “that is able to discriminate between fine-scale UV patterns using only their short-wavelength receptors (UV cones),” the researchers wrote in their study. These fish seem to use the UV cues to distinguish their own from other similar-looking species.” (courtesy of Scientific American)

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