TLC Patient Laila Moysey Blogs about her TLC LASIK Experience

Take a read of Laila Moysey’s Blog.

Laila had LASIK performed at our TLC Moncton location, Feb 2012.

Her husband had giving her LASIK as a Christmas gift. Nice husband!!!

On her blog she has talks about her fears leading up to the procedure which have since been proven unfounded and how the hardest part of the procedure is going without her contact for two weeks prior to the procedure. She also has a detailed account of her entire LASIK experience with TLC Moncton.

If you are interest in LASIK and want to hear about it first hand this blog post is a must read. Thank you Laila for sharing your story!

Interested in learning more about LASIK at TLC visit your local center for a FREE Consultation.

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  1. You are very welcome! The experience was amazing and I can not express how fantastic it is being able to SEE! It\’s still thrills me when I wake up in the middle of the night and don\’t need to perform acrobatics in-order to see the clock! And I\’m looking forward to going swimming with no fear of losing a contact or…sight of the shore! LOL

    Thank YOU for giving me my eyesight, and such a pleasant experience from the very first visit, right up to your kind words about my blog post 🙂

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