What does your eye color say about you…?

Brown eyes are produced because the eye has an abundance of color pigment present. Blue eyes on the other hand, are a result of a lack of color pigment… Did you even know there is a laser procedure being tested to change your eyes from brown to blue? But what does your natural eye color say about you…? Do you believe there is a certain personality associated with different eye colors? Check out this article from EgoDevelopment on what you eye color means about your personality.

Choose Your Eye-Color Personality

January 16th, 2008

1. BLUE EYES – Blue eyes are the most attractive and the most popular eye color. Blueeye-color2.jpg eyes are a recessive gene so natural baby blues are becoming rare. Since blue eyes are lighter than other eye colors, they attract more attention. People with blue eyes are pretty, adorable and sensitive. Blue eyes do all they can to make other people happy. People with blue eyes are kind, polite and happy company. People with blue eyes can remain calm under the most stressful circumstances.

– Light Blue Eyes: Peaceful with low physical endurance.

– Deep Blue Eyes: spiritual, intense computer loverz.

2. HAZEL EYES: Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green. These people go with the flow and can adapt to any situation. Hazel eyes say that you are spontaneous, fun loving, and sociable. If there is more brown your hazel eyes are, the more accessible you seem to others. The greener they are, the more mischievous you will seem. Haze eyes are a real treat because they tend to change color depending on your mood. People look at hazel eyes and think of unpredictability and amusing.

3. GREEN EYES: Green eyes are very rare and instantly hypnotize anyone who gazes into them. People with green eyes project freedom and mystery. Green eyes are definitely the sexiest of all eye colors. People with gray eyes are strong in nature and leaders. They are able to see both sides of an argument and settle disputes. Directness is their strong suit. Affectionate with people they are close, but keep their distance with new acquaintences until they have proven themselves trustworthy.

4. BROWN/BLACK EYES: People with brown and/or black eyes are thought of aseye colortrustworthy and responsible. People seem to seek advice from people with brown eyes. People with brown eyes love to please. They are great lovers and they know how to make their partners feel special. Brown eyed people are practical, sensible and cautious too in nature.

5. Grey Eyes: People with gray eyes are strong in nature and leaders.They put the most passion into their relationships. People with gray eyes are creative and imaginative. They take romance very seriously and long for permanent love.

No matter what your eye color is, you will have stereotypes that come along with them. You were born with your natural eye color for a reason. Your eye color is unique and fits your personality so do not change a thing.

For more from EgoDevelopment please visit: http://www.egodevelopment.com

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  1. I have blue eyes and this fits me exactly!

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