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The purpose of the blog is to provide our thoughts, general information, useful facts, share stories from people whose lives have been changed, and facilitate answering your questions and discussing LASIK (laser vision correction) and general eye health.

Such a boring topic you’d think? On the contrary! Think about it – this procedure helps to change lives for the better – what’s more exciting than that?  We want to help you understand what LASIK is and what benefits it may offer to you. If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you have thought about LASIK for yourself, a friend or a family member and may have a some questions. Post them here on the blog as comments. We are here to answer every question as best we can.

We’ll do our best to provide helpful information and answer your questions. Keep in mind that I am not a surgeon, but I can facilitate getting your questions answered and can point you in the right direction even when I am not qualified to answer the questions directly. But I promise that you will find the blog enjoyable and informative.

A note about this blog’s guidelines:

All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. TLCVision Corporation makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. We welcome your comments as a means of sharing your own experiences and participating in the conversation. To keep the blog focused, we have set some comment guidelines for our readers that we think are fair.

This blog is moderated and all comments are reviewed.

To ensure exchanges are informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints and lawful,  we reserve the right to remove comments that are:

  1. Off Topic. We will exclude comments not related to the subject of the blog post. If you have an idea for a subject not covered in our blog, would like to provide feedback, or would like follow-up from us, please let us know.
  2. Spam. Comments focused on selling a product or service.
  3. Personal Attacks. If you disagree with a post, we’d like to hear from you, but ask that you refrain from personal attacks or being disrespectful of others.
  4. Illegal. Laws that govern use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc., will be followed.
  5. Language. Comments including but not limited to, profane or provocative language will be excluded (which means that hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, threats, obscene or sexually explicit language will not be tolerated).
  6. TLC Vision reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.
  7. TLC Vision, its subsidiaries and partners (Companies) do not endorse any comments made by its employees on this blog, unless they are an authorized representative of the corporation. Companies do not validate assertions or forward-looking statements in the comments. All statements and viewpoints expressed in the comments are strictly those of the commenter alone, and do not constitute an official position of companies unless they are posted by the original author (who is an authorized representative) or by a subject matter expert responding on behalf of that authorized representative.

Ok, done with boring legal stuff. Now on to the blog! Hope you enjoy!

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