Eye Diseases

Eye diseases that can be associated with age… (Please also see part 1- How your vision changes with age) Many changes in your vision can be compensated for with corrective lenses; however others can lead to serious eye diseases that can cause… Read More ›

3D LASIK is here!

The world’s first 3D LASIK and cataract surgery was performed only a few months ago by Dr. Ming Wang of Wang Vision Cataract & LASIK Center, Nashville,TN. Both of these corrective procedures utilized off-label (In the United States, the regulations… Read More ›

Refractive Cataract Surgery- Part 1

Cataract surgery has undergone an amazing transformation in the last several years. With the introduction of cataract procedures involving new Advanced Replacement Lens technology, cataract surgery has evolved from a standard medical procedure, with a single option for lenses, to… Read More ›