Eye Diseases

Eye diseases that can be associated with age… (Please also see part 1- How your vision changes with age) Many changes in your vision can be compensated for with corrective lenses; however others can lead to serious eye diseases that can cause… Read More ›


As we age, our eyes age with us. Presbyopia naturally occurs when the lens of our eye, used to focus, loses some of its natural flexibility. Usually occurring anytime on or around 40-ish it may require certain individuals, for example… Read More ›

Multifocal LASIK (PresbyLASIK)

Currently in clinical trials in the US, one of the newest LASIK advancements, is the development of a new procedure called Multifocal LASIK. This procedure is designed to treat patients prescribed a bifocal prescription and/or those who are presbyopic. Presbyopia… Read More ›